Magic: Storyline Guides

Magic: the Gathering Storyline Guides
The guides for Vorthos

Magic story has always been a big draw to the game, and finding out what planeswalker or world-destroying conflict is going is has kept my love of Magic going for years.  But with the recent website updates, and the archives being esoteric, I've created some new guides, and moved others here for the time being.

For those wondering, here's some ideas on Where to Start?

Neowalker Saga:  The story of Jace, Liliana, Chandra, Gideon and friends.  Their basic journeys throughout the multiverse of Dominia, up until Tarkir.

The Multiverse is out there!  Infinite worlds to explore!

History of Dominaria: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5. 

Individual Block and Set Stories:

Ixalan (2017-2018): Defeated, Jace awakens on a Tropical and Dinosaur inhabited world.  

Amonkhet (2017): The gatewatch goes to confront Nicol Bolas, and finds instead a world changed.

Kaladesh (2016-2017)  The inventor's fair is being hosted on Kaladesh.      

Shadows over Innistrad (2016): We return to Innistrad, where Jace investigates into the new horrors that have changed the land. 
Battle for Zendikar! (2015-2016)

Tarkir (2014-2015) The tale of Sarkhan and how he meets Ugin.

Theros (2013-2014), Elspeth escapes New Phyrexia, and comes to Theros.  She begins her Hero's quest.
Return to Ravnica (2012-2013): storyline compilation and synopsis.  

Innistrad (2011-2012): The tales from the Gothic horror world of Innistrad, and what Liliana came there to do!

Scar of Mirrodin- New Phyrexia (2010-2011)

Ravnica:  City of Guilds  (2005-2006) 

Worlds not on the main storyline track:

Bablovia (2017) and other Un-iverse events.

Fiora (Conspiracy 2014): The world of Conspiracy, where the people of the great city of Paliano vie for power.

Conspiracy 2: Take the Crown (2016) 

Kamigawa Stories (2004-2005) Recovered stories from the world of Kamigawa. 

Other Sources/Articles:

Jay13's complete storyline timeline, from the elder dragons to the Mending. 

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