Friday, February 19, 2016

The Plane of Fiora, a place to conspire

This day, we tell you the tale of a far off plane, known as Fiora.  Home to Dack Fayden, and containing a city on pillars, the elite conspire against each other.   Welcome to the conspiracy!

With the new King Brago "Betrayal" Story, we have a new link to the puzzle right at the top: Nik Davidson authored:
Far from Theros, on the plane of Fiora, the High City of Paliano is home to countless intrigues and plots. The high lords of the city vie for supremacy. Move is met with countermove, and trust with betrayal, all under the auspices of the immortal King Eternal. But the king was a living man, once, and a friend to the elf explorer Selvala...

So Paliano is the city on the world of Fiora, the same as Dack Fayden's homeworld. We've seen it in
the comics once or twice, both a live town and Drakeston, the now ghost town of Dack's origins.

 Announcing! GVYJTHQXGR


Another interesting connection, which was suspected from the Dack Fayden card reveal code type in article: The Perfect Gift, in which is mentioned a character, "The Black Rose". In it, the revelation comes that Sydri, too, is on Fiora, which would match the renaissance architecture of the world, similar to the Fiora we saw in the Dack Fayden comics.  

The Black Rose, being referenced, is the underworld figure of Marchesa, whom we see the machinations of in the rivals of the Black Rose.

A week later, a University meeting is called to order with a movement made by Professor Muzzio to gain what he feels he rightfully has earned.

But from betrayal come consequences, and we find that Selvala was arrested for regicide.  She finds herself in prison. What is Selvala to do, but trust Grenzo, the dungeon warden.
And so we set the stage to conspire!

A new conspiracy announcement was made!  There are goals now to take the crown. Come to Conspiracy: Take the Crown.

Other tales and characters: 
Daretti: On his home plane of Fiora, Daretti was known as a goblin of uncommon intellect, talent, and ambition. His goal was both simple and audacious: to become a master artificer at the Academy in the High City of Paliano. As he rose through the ranks, the city’s mage elite tittered, then scoffed, then protested. In the end, it was not their plotting but Daretti’s own experiments that proved his downfall.

One of Daretti’s famed creations exploded, apparently killing him. In reality, the shock ignited Daretti’s latent Planeswalker spark, and he planeswalked to relative safety.
His legs were gone, but he was alive—and now had many worlds of knowledge and artifice to explore. He built himself an elaborate cogwork conveyance and continued his experiments in artifice, both on Fiora and beyond. 

Dack Fayden: Dack grew up on Fiora, in a small town: Drakeston.  While he was away on thieving adventures, a planeswalker named Sifa Grent came to Drakeston with an army of vampires and wiped out the entire population.  This began the comic story saga, with Dack hunting after Sifa.  He has rarely returned to Fiora in the comics. 

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