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Discover the Plane of Ixalan

With a major treasure hunt beginning, our world of Ixalan arrives with mechanics and flavor.  Dinosaurs and Pirates, undiscovered lands, and danger beneath the rivers and seas!  (A plane that 'walkers can never leave, yarr)

Introduction article to the world and rules of Ixalan.

The planes is introduced by Alison Luhrs, in the Magic Story podcast.

The Interactive Map will help out find your way on the journey!

Geocaching is a fun activity, and Wizard of the Coast has released numerous trackable tags to move around our own world, to discover the world of Ixalan as well! 

World guide images from PAX West.

Planeswalker's Guide to Ixalan, Part 1Part 2.

Ixalan's trailer, welcome to a world of Dinosaurs!

The Magic Worldbuilding panel from PAX West revealed some new things about the world. 

Plane Shift DnD campaign reveals more about the plane.  Adventure and learn that X marks the spot.

The Plane page: Ixalan.

Want the full story in Anime form?  Here you go, untranslated. 


We come to Ixalan following Jace, now a castaway on a deserted island, arriving here fresh from his defeat by Nicol Bolas on Amonkhet.  Jace' mind and memory were crushed, and so, we will journey the seas with him to find himself, and see what this new world has to offer.  Ixalan is a plane of two continents,  Ixalan, a continent of dinosaurs and tropical lands ruled by the Sun Empire and the
merfolk River Heralds (similar to Aztec and Incan cultures of our world), and a far off continent of Torrezon, with the vampire conquistadors of the Legion of Dusk and the traveling pirates known collectively as the Brazen Coalition.  Ral Zarek on Ravnica was tracking Vraska's planeswalking, but was unable to determine where she traveled to- which we now learn is Ixalan.  She's seeking something, and has guidance from a compass, given by Nicol Bolas to find Orazca, the City of Gold.  She is taking on new roles as a captain of a ship, and we as readers will see how she adapts to freedom and the ability to lead a crew with her powers and abilities. 

The Vampires are seeking a relic stolen from them centuries ago, known as the Immortal Sun.  Their goals to reclaim it would reduce their need to drink the blood of the wicked, to allow them to live eternally without blood needs. 

The pirates too are seeking the power of the Immortal Sun. They are seeking it and raiding the Sun Empire in goals to find the ultimate treasure for immeasurable power.  Their refugees were from Torrezon, who escaped to the sea to form their pirate coalition. 

The Sun empire is in a time of prosperity, from powers given by sun priests and riding dinosaurs.  They believe in the threefold suns, championed by dinosaur avatars of three colors.  The empire is hoping to defend their land and maintain power on the continent, and seeks the Immortal Sun to fight off these new invaders of the Legion of Dusk (Their first conquistadors arrived around 2 years ago). 

The merfolk of the River Heralds are people of the river waters, protecting the natural world with natural magic.  Their strength is waning, and are no longer able to drive the Sun Empire out of the center of the continent.  They protect the Golden City of Orazca which hides the Immortal Sun, yet no one knows the actual location of the city- but they will defend it and it's secret location with all their remaining power.

Side Stories:

The Conqueror's Galleon lands in Ixalan. 

The map of the continent of Ixalan.  The continent of Torrezon isn't pictured, nor have we found Useless island labeled. (click to expand)
Ten Burning questions from Ixalan!

A revelation about Angrath: "[Kaldheim] is not his homeplane, nor would he be considerate enough to specifically show her that one, it just happened to be metaphysically nearby" in the story, "Glimpse the Far Side of the Sun". 

Official storyline:
Jace finds himself, alone, on Useless Island. 

Hualti strives to become the Warrior Poet, and finds a new foe in Angrath.

Having found her way to Ixalan from the guidance of an ancient being, she begins to lead a company of the Brazen Coalition, in the quest to find the Golden City.  Instead, Vraska finds a castaway.  

The Shapers of Ixalan seek to repel all invaders, even those of the Trifold Sun. 

Jace and Vraska make landfall at High and Dry, and find common ground on their quest to Orzaca. 

The Race is on to the golden city!

A final part of the race, Orazca appears!

The full story page is here.

Rivals of Ixalan

Jace recovers a flood of memories, and Vraska is forced to observe them, learning his shattered past.

Many race to Glimpse the Far Side of the Sun.   Here we see Jace relearning skills he had lost long before, when he left Vryn.  He also learns that Ugin left a mind trap in his memories, to send him to Ixalan in case his mind was every searched for traces of memories of Ugin.

The Arbiter of law, and his chaos. Huatli continues to strive for the Golden City, and Jace and Vraska encounter Azor.

Plans are made between Vraska and Jace, and they will be ready for Nicol Bolas' endgame, with Sabotage.

Who tells the stories?  Hualtli returns to Pachatupa with a tale.

Conclusions for many character's stories, we see that the wool over people's eyes isn't always so clear.

In alternate timelines, this is what could have occurred.

Update 2018:

The Planeswalker Vivian Reid visits the plane of Ixalan.  It appears to be sometime after the Immortal Sun has left the plane, or before it.  This introductory illumination will guide us to her history while exploring Ixalan in three parts.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Is anything missing?  Inaccurate?  Please leave us a comment, and we'll see what we can improve!

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