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Neowalker Storyline Synopsis

NeoWalker Saga: Magic Storyline Thread

Checking in with them: June 17th 2014
August 19th, 2015

Flashback: The three Eldrazi Titans are trapped on Zendikar, after a long battle between them and Sorin, Lord of Innistrad, Ugin the Spirit Dragon, and Nahiri the Lithomancer. 

Magic Origin: Ob Nixilis

Magic Origin: Liliana
Alternate version in comic form: Liliana meets the raven man, and begins her quest.

The Time Spiral timerifts have all been closed, and the planeswalker spark has changed.  Nicol Bolas, now Nicol Bolas, escapes from the Meditation Plane, and sets upon his plans to regain his lost power. 

With only days left of power after the Mending, Bolas comes to the desolate world of Amonkhet, dominates it's gods, and sets up his plan there.

Magic Origin: Tezzeret.  On Alara, a mage named Tezzeret discovers the secrets of the Seekers of Carmot and ascends to planeswalker when realizing his disappointment.

Magic Origin: Gideon Jura, formerly Kytheon Iora

Magic Origin: Jace Beleren

Magic Origin: Nissa Revane

Some time passes, and as a more experienced planeswalker, Tezzeret steals the Infinite Consortium from Nicol Bolas.  He then uses the Consortium to amass power and wealth, with a primary base of operations on Ravnica.  There, he recruits Jace Beleren and introduces him to another planeswalker, Baltrice.  Tezzeret hopes that Jace will be their mentalist planeswalker.  Jace steals a scroll stolen from Kephalai back from Chandra for the sanctum of stars.  Living with the Consortium doesn't end well, and Jace, with the help of Liliana, defeats Baltrice and Tezzeret, and plans to disband the Infinite Consortium.  However, instead, he becomes the leader of it.

Bolas Plots in the shadows, unrevealed at this time.

Garruk encounters Liliana on Shandalar, and a fight ensues.  Liliana, with her new prize the Chain Veil, leaves Garruk cursed, and Liliana planeswalks away. 

Bolas Plots, and finds a world split into five.

Ajani Ascends, and finds a new plane, where he meets Sarkhan Vol.  His brother is murdered in his absence, and he begins his search for the killer. 
At about the same time, Chandra steals a particular scroll that depicts the way to the Eye of Ugin  on Zendikar, which she finds on the plane of Kephalai.

Magic Origin:  Chandra.

Chandra meets Gideon, has an adventure with the Purifying Fire, and learns the true use of the spell of Ugin.  She and Gideon, while friends, disagree on major issues and part ways.  Chandra leaves for Zendikar, while Gideon cleans up things on Regatha.  Saddened, however, Gideon follows her. 

Bolas plots begin to grow.  He plants sleeper agents on 4 of the 5 Alara Shards. 

Elspeth has taken the vows of a knight on Bant, having found this pristine world after leaving Theros.  Now, Bolas unleashes his plot, which will use the Alara mini-planes to reform into a solid Alara to cause chaos and bloodshed, enabling him to steal all the power of the plane and become an Old-walker again.   Ajani using a reflection trick in the battle against Bolas, wins, and prevents Bolas from attaining all the power of Alara.  Bolas flees for now, and retreats to another world for other plans.  Bolas has gained the loyalty of Sarkhan, and sends him to track and follow Liliana.  Garruk meets with Jace in the Infinite consortium on Ravnica. They share some ideas, though the curse affects Garruk, who is growing more violent and wild.  Jace, tells Garruk that Liliana is on Tavelia, and Garruk, now calmer, tells Jace that the scroll is a map leading to Zendikar.  (All of this can be read in the comic: The Veil's Curse.  Chandra follows the map to Zendikar after leaving Gideon behind, and Bolas then sends Sarkhan to Zendikar to analyze the Eye of Ugin.  Liliana realizes the power of the Chain Veil, and decides to kill her four demon masters instead of giving Kothophed the Veil.  She kills Kothophed, and heads to Innistrad to search for Griselbrand. 

Jace, Chandra, and Sarkhan meet at the eye of Ugin and fight, releasing one of two seals on the Eldrazi.  Nissa is alerted to the change, and finds Sorin Markov by accident, who has returned to renew the seals and keep the Eldrazi imprisoned.  (The Eldrazi are beings of the blind eternities, and could travel to any plane).  They fail, due to Nissa's decision to stop Sorin at the last moment, breaking the seals and releasing the Eldrazi.  She believed that the Eldrazi would leave Zendikar, bringing peace and calm to the untamed world. She's wrong.  Sorin leaves for Innistrad, leaving Nissa with the Eldrazi problem.  Gideon sees the Eldrazi emerge, and the horror they cause, and leaves Zendikar to return to Ravnica to seek help against the Eldrazi.  Nissa swears she will right her mistake of releasing the Eldrazi titans, and will search for Sorin to help her re-imprison them, and so she leaves Zendikar. Jace admits his responsibility, and begins to delve into the Eldrazi secrets while Sarkhan returns to Bolas a failure, and discovers another servant of Bolas.
Garruk keeps after Liliana and we see his backstory, while Liliana has some trouble controlling the Chain Veil.  Some backstory reveals that Liliana had plans on Shandalar for the Chain Veil, but the Onnake, keepers of the Veil, may have plans for Liliana.

Bolas reforms and heals Tezzeret, and sends him on a misson of dark discoveries, which, while involving Jace, Baltrice, and Liliana, ultimately fails to gain Bolas anything, or Tezzeret his freedom, and all the walkers part ways, most rather unhappy. 

Ajani next seeks out Elspeth who has left Bant for Dominaria.  He is seeking her help with the troubles of Alara recombining into one world and the stability of the nations/mini-planes.  She declines as she cannot face the people of Bant for abandoning them and ignoring their laws, but instead will aid Koth against the Phyrexians on Mirrodin.  The Phyrexians were the ones who destroyed her home plane and enslaved her as a child.  Venser is forced to come too they form the Trio.  They are all not quite ready for what they find.

Bolas, still plotting, sends his new agent, Tezzeret, to Mirrodin, to infiltrate the Phyrexians and prevent them from getting a new Father of Machines (who was previously Yawgmoth).  The Trio find Karn, and try to free him, eventually purifying his corrupted heartstone which he got from Xantcha by replacing the corrupted heartstone with Venser’s own heart, and using Melira’s purifying powers.  Karn, horrified, decides to fight for Mirrodin with Koth, but Koth and Elspeth are cornered.  Elspeth blindly planeswalks away at the urgings of Koth, and finds herself on Theros. 

On Innistrad, Liliana is seeking Grieselbrand to kill him, Sorin is searching for his lost Archangel Avacyn and is there to clean up the plane from too many vampires, and Garruk is tracking down Liliana to remove the curse.  Also, Dack Fayden is searching for the planeswalker who destroyed his hometown, Sifa Grent.  Sifa escapes after a battle, but he chases her to Ravnica.
(All stories of Innistrad can be found at that page.)

Liliana, while searching for Griselbrand, finds Mikeaus and reanimates him, and learns of the Helvault from his Zombie.  Sorin has felt the absence of his Angel and returns to Innistrad.  Garruk then catches up with Liliana, and they fight, with Liliana coming out the victor, and leaving Garruk fully cursed. Liliana forces Thalia to break the Helvault, releasing Avacyn and Griselbrand.  Liliana kills Griselbrand, and planeswalks away (2 of 4 demon-masters killed).  Avacyn starts the cursemute, transforming the vampires, and semi-healing Garruk.  Odric captures Garruk....

Meanwhile, on Ravnica, Jace begins to delve into the plots of the guilds.  The Dracogenius Niv Mizzet is up to something.  Ral Zarek is a high ranking member of Izzet, but he's not only looking for the implicit maze, but Jace as well, to help him solve it, even if by force.  Dack Fayden, having been forced to give the Blood Fang to Sorin on Innistrad, returns to his home on Ravnica, to find Sifa Grent and stop her from destroying Selesnya... (All Return to Ravnica stories can be found on that page.)

Back on Innistrad, Sorin is cleaning up Vampiric problems, has now acquired the Blood Fang from Dack Fayden, and is facing off against Tibalt.

Dack Fayden tracks Sifa back to Ravnica after some misadventures on Grixis.  He discovers she's trying to destroy all of Selesnya by absorbing the life energy of Vitu Ghazi, and goes to battle her with some Ravnican friends!  He saves Selesnya and kills Sifa with a trick, but one of his friends is killed.  He is finally done with his quest to avenge his family and friends.

Jace runs the Implicit maze after Ral Zarek announces it to all 10 guilds.  He battles Ral and sneaks past him, and, uncovering the plot of Azor, [stops the 10 guilds from killing each other in the Dragon's Maze race.  By doing so, Jace bestowed with the power of being a new Guildpact.  He now has authority over all the guilds of Ravnica in disputes and claims against each other. 

Chandra, upset about the bad information on Zendikar that almost got her killed, tracks down the planeswalker who told her about it in the first place, Ramaz, having given her a pendant from Innistrad. She uses the player (from Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014) for help, and they track Ramaz down across several worlds, eventually defeating him in Kaldheim, although he escapes.  Seems Bolas may have had a hand in his motives. 

Elspeth is tired of fighting Phyrexians, and they've lost the war on New Phyrexia.  She 'contacts' Ajani, and tells him of her hopes on Theros. 

Jace, now the official living Guildpact, finds a new threat to his adopted world, as well as a rumor of problems for Garruk. 

Elspeth's journey in Theros, from the ebooks, is best described in this synopsis from the ebook.  She travels with Ajani to Nyx, and defeats Xenagos.  However, when they attempt to leave, she is slain by Heliod.  Heliod believes that no champion of his should have the power to resist a god, and stabs her with her own spear while Ajani can only watch, and is taken to the Theros Underworld. 

At the same time, Garruk has apparently escaped Odric (off screen?), and is fully cursed by the Chain Veil.  He begins his hunt for planeswalkers, starting with Vronos, a Innistrad native who is tasked by Avacyn to stop him from becoming a worldslayer.  Vronos Fails.   In the 2015 Duels of the Planeswalkers, the player is hunted by Garruk, and manages, with Jace's help, to remove the hedron from Ob Nixilis, which has removed his planeswalker abilities, and defeat Garruk, thereby implanting the hedron into Garruk on Zendikar.  Ob Nixilis awakens, now free of the hedron, plots to destroy Zendikar, in order to regain his planeswalker spark. 

Ajani, enraged at the betrayal of Heliod, is given reason by Brimaz to find a new quest.  [He chooses to campaign against the gods of Theros.

Liliana attemps to return the chain veil, as she thrives on her freedom, and refuses to accept the whispers and control it hints at on her life.  She has defeated two of four demon masters, but does not want to accept the Onnake instead.

Garruk, now sane once more, returns to Shandalar, free from the Onnake curse, is confronted, twice.  He refuses the offer of healing, and simply considers himself a monster now,.  An apex predator.  One you do not threaten, as a planeswalker nicknamed 'Icy' learns quickly. 

From here, the story takes a more structured path.

Follow along in Tarkir, with Sarkhan Vol's quest to find Ugin.

Ral Zarek comes to the Guildpact, in order share some research findings.

Thereafter, the Gatewatch finally comes together in a Battle for Zendikar.

 And searching the multiverse, they find shadows over the plane of Innistrad.

Thereafter, the gatewatch heads to Kaladesh, to determine the source and reason for an uprising.

Now, tracking Tezzeret to a base for Nicol Bolas, they arrive in Amonkhet

Another good synopsis from mtgsalvation.com:  http://www.mtgsalvation.com/articles/49648-magic-story-alara-to-amonkhet
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