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Theros and a world of Gods

Theros World Lore Guide

Welcome to Theros, Planeswalker! This world is rich with legend and story, as the Gods perform their tales for mortals each night in the sky of Nyx. Mortal dreams enter Nyx as well, helping shape it to reality, and causing some new beings known as Nyx-born. Here you will find a compilation of all the planeswalker guides and Uncharted realms tales of Theros. More will be added as more is revealed. Have fun discovering!

Planeswalkers guides: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Inside R&D video and the The plane of Theros description Theros Trailer

Elspeth’s Farewell to New Phyrexia: Dear Ajani…
Anax Begins his training, part 1 and proves himself, part 2
The Nymphs of Theros!
Siren’s Song
Tragedy of a Hero Sung by the fates.
Ode to Iroas
The Sea God’s Labyrinth Part 1 and Part 2
Building toward a Dream Part 1 and Part 2 (Featuring Ashiok!)
To Asphodel

Born of the Gods
Planeswalker Guide, Part 2: The intro to the STORY and the tale of Kiora Atua, native of Zendikar.
Trailer Stories:
A lesson in Identity
The cowardice of the Hero
Minor Gods of Born of the Gods
Kiora's Followers
The Walls of Akros
The Hero of Iroas
Ephara's Oracle
Seasons in Setessa

Journey into Nyx
Planeswalker Guide, Part 3: Gods and Walkers
Ajani returns!
Journey into the Labyrinth
A desperate stand
Dreams of the City The plots of Ashiok, and the rise of a cacophony!
The son of Raissa
The Journey or the Stone
Kruphix knows the Multiverse

Some talk and thoughts on Elspeth's fate, from Jenna Helland
All the Theros trailers with bonus content of the fate of Elspeth at the end!
Ajani's Vengence
Full synopsis for those who are too lazy to read it all.

2015: Kiora's battle is described against the god of the sea, Thassa.

Update from 2016: Commander 2016 features a large number of characters from Theros, some never seen before. 
Their names:  Kynaios and Tiro, Kydele, Thrasios, Tymna, and Ravos
You can find the article here.

Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver
Some notes on Ashiok
Ashiok also appears against Dack Fayden in the comics.
Xenagos, the Reveler
Ajani Goldmane

Last updated – 11/13/16- New Legendary stories from Commander 2016

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