Saturday, May 27, 2017

Ancient Kamigawa Secrets

There are many "lost" tales from the world of Kamigawa, which are reposted here for ease of access. 

These tales are all owned by Wizards of the Coast, and were published around 2005.  A full snynopsis of the events of Kamigawa will soon be posted below. 

Mountain Secret (Kumano)
Duty Bound (Takeno)
Everything (Azami)
Eight and a Half Tales
Security (Horobi, Death's Wail)
The Dragon's Errand (Kiki Jiki)
Thankless Child (Iname)
Bonds of Ice and Fire (Brother's Yamazaki)  This story takes place many years after the Kami war in "Champions of Kamigawa".
The Dragon Shield (Jugan)
Told in Whispers (The Unspeakable)
A Servant's Mission (Ink Eyes)
Patron of the Akki (Patron of the Akki)
Personal Battles (Iwamori)
Redemption Smiles (Kentaro)
The Sound of Crickets (Higure, the Still Wind)
War's Wage (Kataki)
The Face behind the Mask (Sakashima, the Imposter)
The Meeting
Iizuka the Ruthless
The Last Visitor (Ayumi, the Last Visitor)  This story takes place 6 years after The Dragon's Errand. 

All these can be found on the "wayback machine", of the archived Wizards Magic site:

(Warning, that mess is pretty awful looking due to the archiving)

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