Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Come and battle for Zendikar

Four planeswalkers come to Zendikar to battle the Eldrazi menace, after searching for help for years.

Here is their story.

The Distant Past
5000 Years ago, the Eldrazi were imprisoned.

1000 years ago, the Eldrazi nearly escaped.

Recent Events

The Eldrazi escaped, seen in the original Zendikar Block, and in the Teeth of Akoum Novel.  Nissa chose to release them, hoping they would leave Zendikar.  Sorin cursed her for a fool, and left.  The Eldrazi menace remains. 

Gideon sees Emrakul, and goes to search for aid.

Some time ago, the Lithomancer fought Ob Nixilis, trapping his spark with a hedron embedded in his skull.  Now he waits.  

Nissa begins her journey as a worldwaker.


Jace and Ral are working together, and find another planeswalker, through Project Lightning bug.
Gideon has found himself fighting two battles on two planes.  But he has limits.

As the Guildpact, Jace finds himself catching up with his friends...

Liliana has her own ravens to face.

Chandra's training grounds on Kephalai. 

Nissa continues to fight on.

The Battle begins(Main story page):

Slaughter at the Refuge

The silent cry. A torn apart world.

The pilgrimage of the believers

Gideon Jura helps the survivors of Sky Rock.

Memories of Blood, seen though Drana.

Nissa's quest to find her friend.

Kiora returns home.

Nissa finds her goal, and faces off with a demon.

Remember this, they came as three.  Revelations at the Eye.

Noyan Dar's shapers.

The Liberation of Sea Gate.

Jace's plan of Hedron alignment begins.

Ob Nixilis wants off Zendikar, at any cost.

Chandra Nalaar has promises to keep.

(Full story synopsis for Battle for Zendikar)

Oath of the Gatewatch!

(Main story page):

The Rise of Kozilek

Ob Nixilis retaliates against our planeswalkers.

Mina and Denn begin their quest for reclamation.  (side story)

The blight that Tazri was born for.

Things can go up in flames.

Jori En and Kiora regroup

The Oath of the Gatewatch.  The four friends decide what's best for the multiverse, and what they can do. The are on the brink of extinction for Zendikar.

And so begins Zendikar's attempt at a last stand.

This means, that Zendikar, damaged, but intact, and become resurgent.

(Oath of the Gatewatch full story summary.)

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