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Tarkir Times twist with Dragons and Khans

The storyline article guide to Tarkir.  Follow the path of Sarkhan Vol on the return to his home plane, following the whispers he has heard in his head since the visit to the Eye of Ugin on Zendikar.

World description:


Sarkhan spent time in they Eye of Ugin, where he heard voices. This can be seen in Part 2 of "Journey to the Eye".

Welcome to Tarkir.  A world without dragons, where Khans rule the land. Sarkhan Vol, home again, being led here by whispers...

The Khans of Tarkir (Present)

Planeswalkers Guides to Tarkir (Timeline Khans).
Part 1 
Part 2

The Madness of Sarkhan.

The bear awakens.  (side story, Timeline Khans)

Sorin arrives in Tarkir (Timeline Khans), and searches for Ugin.

Taigam schemes. (side story, Timeline Khans)

The way of the mantis. (side story, Timeline Khans)

The Chensal Twins (side story, Timeline Khans)

Narset, leader of the Jeskai, searches for answer.  (Timeline Khans)

The Salt Road (side story, Timeline Khans)

Sidisi broods about her loss. (Timeline Khans)

Zurgo hunts after Sarkhan, hearing he had returned to Mardu lands.  (Timeline Khans)

Anafenza proves her loyalty to family. (Timeline Khans)

Journey to the Nexus (Timeline Khans)

The Past.  1280 years ago.
Planeswalker's guide to Tarkir (Fate Reforged)

A new Tarkir of Old.  (Past)

Time is unwritten. (Past)

The battle between Ugin and Nicol Bolas. (Past)

The truth of Names of Alesha (Past)

Doom of the Golden Fang (Past)

Abzan has no end and no beginning. (Past)

Khanfall (Past)

The Present.  Sarkhan returns to the Tarkir he knows. But things are different...

Planeswalker's Guide to Tarkir (Dragons Timeline)
Part 1.
Part 2.

A Tarkir of Dragons (Dragons Timeline)

The great teacher's student Transcends (Dragons Timeline)

Sorin arrives in Tarkir (Dragons Timeline), and searches for Ugin.

Anafenza is a guardian (side story, Dragons Timeline)

Sidisi has a poisoned heart. (side story, Dragons Timeline)

Surrak calls for the hunt. (side story, Dragons Timeline)

Unbroken now, Sarkhan is unbowed. He meets a potential ally, and they go to find the Spirit Dragon.  (Dragons Timeline)

Full Story Synopsis.

Vraska apparently has visited Tarkir.  In the Mazirek story of the Kraul, there is a purple flag, which was confirmed to be a Silumgar flag by Alison Luhrs.

Updated 7/19/16.  Ugin has left Tarkir for Zendikar, during the events of Battle for Zendikar.   The status of Narset and Sarkhan are unknown, but are believed to still be on Tarkir. 

Update 2018: The backstory for Core 2019 has a frame story set 18 years after Yasova and Sarkhan interacted in Fate Reforged.  It takes place on Tarkir of old, after the battles between Ugin and Bolas. 

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