Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Real concerns with the court of Paliano

A new declaration was made:

The Reign of Brago! Conspiracy 2!

All hail the King and lord of Paliano.  The Eternal, the just, the undying!

... you hear that?  ...


Wait! Assassins! King Brago has been slain!

Apparently, we have an empty Throne!  Conspiracy 2: The Empty Throne!




But this doesn't end there.  A new heir has been appointed.  Conspiracy 2: Take the Crown.

And so we again begin to conspire.

The story begins, with Kaya,
who is very good at her job.

A message was found on the back of the Eternal Masters tokens... lead to two proclamations!

Proclamation of the new Queen.

Response of Adriana, Captain of the Guard.

Daretti has returned to Fiora, and found himself in league with Grenzo.

An envoy from the city state of Trest has been appointed to Paliano, and he writes back with some dossiers.

You can find the original Paliano lore from Conspiracy 1 here.

Edric, Spymaster of Trest was no revealed to be part of the plane of Fiora.  Trest is a port city state, ruled by elves. 
His original description was here

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