Monday, January 1, 2018

Magi-Nation League- Images

In a continued effort to catalogue events and promoted things from Magi-Nation Duel, this post is going to cover other materials from the Magi-Nation League.  Images below are from all 7 Season Posters.

The test League was run to see if there was interest in a Magi-Nation League structure, which there was.  Some specific materials were made for this season, such as sew-on patches and paper activities. 

If you completed each path on the league trackers (see the "Fans and the Future" article for those), you earned stickers!  You could put them on your folder too for that.

The second year of leagues was in the making, with cards designed for Kybar's Teeth already, but then the company failed.  So 5 regions still away their rings, gifts, and special limited, creatures, perhaps to be released someday....

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