Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Metroid Fan Game-enabled Theory

So there's a theory posted on reddit about Samus in Metroid: Other M being a clone.  The basis is: Is the samus we play in Metroid: Other M the same Samus in other games?  Other M doesn't have a numbered title in the series, nor is it part of the prime series.  
With the introduction of AM2R and Rogue Dawn, I’d like to throw a new suggestion in.  

Spoilers ahead:  
The main character is Dawn Aran, apparently a kidnapped sister of Samus from K-2L, trained to become a Rogue agent of the Space Pirates.  
At the end of Rogue Dawn, we see Dawn Aran leave the pirates.   She says that the federation will never leave the space pirates alone if they have metroids; however, she herself took a metroid.  So we have an unknown element now for the future.  What if, the federation tracked down and captured Dawn Aran.  

In response to the Clone theory's points, in order:
1. As stated in the clone theory, at the start of Other M, we find Samus waking up for a weapons test.  In Rogue Dawn, Dawn gains control of many Chozo relics and power ups, the same as Samus.  What if, captured, the federation brainwashed Dawn to believe she’s Samus.  Implanted memories of Samus’ exploits, and feelings of loss from the baby.  Maybe even programmed with memories of Adam?  And using newer technology from that of the federation force times?

2.       I completely agree with the point made in the theory. The federation would want to keep tabs on her.   Further- in Rogue Dawn, we see that Dawn can use Chozo power ups without the power suit.  The federation, through Adam would be testing Dawn’s abilities, and the ability to control her. 

3.       This could still be valid.  Further so to complete the brainwashing, to make Dawn feel for Adam, and loyal to the federation.

4.       Dawn would technically have similar memories.  Her backstory would include the same attack from Ridley on their colony.  Added to this point- She betrayed and abandoned the pirates.  That would cause some fear in their chasing after her.  A revenge plot, perhaps?   She wouldn’t remember Prime, because she never experienced it.

5.       Dawn being submissive to Adam and the federation would also make sense.  With confusion and loyalty memories implanted.  Samus acts different, because she isn’t Dawn. 

6.      Not applicable to tie the two theories together. 
Other thoughts:

7.       Adam and team get to the bottle ship almost immediately after Samus.  Seems like a perfect mission briefing to have a squad watch a new prototype soldier.

8.       Another concern.  “The deleter”.  We never really find out who it is, though it’s implied.  What if, instead, it is Dawn/Samus herself.  She would then perhaps not remember it afterwards, as a brainwashed subject wouldn't necessarily.  

9.       Brainwashing could work better with the traumatic ptsd moment around ridley.  Faking Adam’s death could also add to it.  That would further add loyalty to the subject to the federation.

10.   The other point to be made is that Anthony would likely not aware that this was actually the mission, nor any of the other federation solders, only Adam may be.  His helmet was left behind, and  Dawn/Samus heads back at the end of the game to retrieve it.  Would this be part of the brainwashing method, to continue to relate to Adam?
11.   Also to note- The federation in “Federation Force” is reverse engineering the power suit- with weapons and energy.  Wouldn’t be too much more of a stretch, like in the clone theory, to have a new power suit for Dawn. 

What could this imply, for the fan community? 

A future game where Samus would have to face off with Dawn, the sister she never knew.  Using technology that is the same as her pre-Fusion suit weapons. 

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